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Simplicity and elegance.

Valentina’s photos are based on storytelling which is fundamental to fully narrate such an important day as that of the wedding. Her photographic background has led her to develop a style that lies halfway between reportage and editorial. It might seem almost a contradiction, but it is a continuous search for perfection in every shot.

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What is perfection in photography?

Valentina believes that it is not about technique at all. Sometimes a photo can be blurred, moved or slightly burnt, but as that photo conveys a strong emotion, that is perfect.
A discreet and attentive reportage, elegant and with attention to detail, spontaneous, never left to chance.

Details are a very important.

The care that each couple puts in choosing their clothes, in detail that makes the difference. It makes you understand many things about them. For this reason you have to photograph them in the best way, to have a pleasant and accurate memory.

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Always work with a smile.

It is part of the job to deal with many people, so she always tries to become “part of the family”, earning the affection and trust of the people with whom she will spend the day. She believes that the empathy that is created with certain people during a wedding helps make the photos much more real and emotional. If she smiles, whoever is in front of her will also smile at her. It’s guaranteed!

At work she is discreet, does not like photos that are too laid out, but prefers to leave room for moments, emotions.

But she loves portraits. For this reason, the moment of couple portraits is a fundamental moment for her. Again, however, she tries not to be intrusive. The couple portraits is a moment where the couple can relax for five minutes away from the chaos of friends and relatives celebrating.
So, she try to make the spouses feel at ease, letting them give themselves a few minutes of tenderness alone. She does some simple portraits, without demanding too many poses. Again, she let the excitement of the moment be the master.

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The location is also important, finding the right spots and the right light is no small feat.

And for this reason Italy certainly offers us wonderful scenarios, with elegant castles, rustic estates in Bohemian style and luxurious villas. Surely the scenarios are not lacking! There is something for all tastes!
Choose Italy as the destination for your wedding. The magic that enchants our locations and the sensitive touch of Clementin Photo, will give you a special memory for a lifetime.

All the photos were taken for Clementin Photo | Les Amis Photo | Joy Photographers | Laura Stramacchia

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