Groom’s getting ready

29 June 2020

The groom’s getting ready. A difficult topic for many. But for once, let’s not just focus on the bride, but let’s give the boys a little space too.
Usually the groom’s getting ready are thought to be simpler and less exciting than those of the bride. This is absolutely not true, I assure you!
Even the groom often pays close attention to detail, chooses the suit carefully and organizes every moment in detail.
Some prefer to prepare themselves alone, others in the company of friends and wedding witnesses and why not, with mom!

Some guys are more shy and clumsy in front of the camera while others are more fun and casual. These surely enjoy the moment more, perhaps making some toasts or joking around.
The details of the groom often consist of photographing the shoes, the cufflinks, the tie and the dress of course.
Sometimes it happens that the groom’s accessories, like those of the bride, are coordinated with those of the groom’s men. Ties for example can all be of the same color or with the same pattern. Or cufflinks can be the same or embroidered with the initials of each.
So, every groom is special in his own way, even in total simplicity.
I assure you that men are just as excited as women on their wedding day, and seeing them with shining eyes while reading their partners’ pre-wedding letters is priceless.


clementin-photo-wedding-destination-tuscany  clementin-photo-wedding-destination-garda-lake


Groom's getting ready destination wedding  

Groom's getting ready destination wedding tuscany

clementin-photo-wedding-destination-tuscany  Groom's getting ready destination wedding tuscany italy



groom getting ready clementin photo  groom getting ready clementin photo


All the photos were taken for Clementin Photo | Les Amis Photo | Joy Photographers | Laura Stramacchia

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