Clementin Photo Portraits | Actors Photoshoot

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Photographing people is not an easy thing. You have to create a harmony with the person in front of you. For work Valentina often take pictures of actors and actresses. It may seem strange, but many of them are very shy and clumsy in front of the camera.
Valentina’s job, beyond the shots, is to make them feel at ease. Try to extrapolate the essence of each person. It is not an easy job.
Up to now, her clients have always been happy, both with the work and the relationship born during the shooting.
Many friendships have been born over the years, and this is the best gift that this job gives.
An example of this is the BEHIND THE SCENES project born from the collaboration with CRISTEL CACCETTA, a talented actress who instead of the usual photo shoot was looking for something more.

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