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Valentina is a wedding photographer based in Torino, Italy.

She started photographing as a child, when her dad gave her the old Canon A1 to take some family portrait.
Growing up she went through various stages of photography, developing them around the world.

During her study year in Denmark she started with nature photography, the landscapes so different from the ones at home enchanted her. Returning to Italy she threw herself into the reportage, which she deepened during the year in Spain.
People and traditions so tied to the Andalusian territory have taken her heart, leaving unforgettable memories.When she moved to Rome after graduating in languages, she discovered the magic of portraits. She tasted the difficulty that instead of intimidating encouraged her even more to go into it.

Today her photographs are a mix of all these life experiences.

The portrait and editorial aspect is very present in her photos, but storytelling is also important to convey the emotions of a special day like that of the wedding.
She pays particular attention to details, she believes they are representative of the people she is facing.

Valentina lives in Turin now, but she travels all over the world to capture your best moments with her photos.

She was born in Sardinia, a beautiful little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. She moved, first to Rome and then to Turin, for work. For some years she has been working so that she can return to live in her wonderful island of hers.

During work she never misses a smile. If she smiles also the people she is photographing will smile at her, and this is definitely a great help to get emotional photos. Easy, right?

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